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P. Müller offers materials specially suited to your project

We will be happy to discuss with you in person which material is best suited for your purposes. We would like to inform you in detail about two special materials in advance:

PM Diamond Line (diamond-graphite coating)

PM is constantly trying to replace the environmentally harmful components contained in the production process or in the products with more environmentally friendly ones. For example, PM has long been concerned with the subject of replacing chrome-plated gauges with more sustainable processes. 


In many years of trials, PM has now found a coating method for gauges and high-precision special parts. Thanks to the non-toxic process and biocompatibility, PM has implemented the set specifications. This coating is even suitable for medical applications and for the food industry.

PM uses a special patented diamond coating. This coating guarantees the highest accuracy. By reducing the droplet shape on the surface, PM achieves an enormous improvement in surface roughness values. The process temperature is below 100°. This allows PM to use the standard gauge steels. The coating consists of diamond-like layers. They are based on pure carbon.


Thanks to the tetrahedral structure, these layers have the properties of a diamond.


Due to the special process, the layers are completely free of hydrogen. The proportion of diamond structure is 80%. Due to special holders, all gauge shapes can be coated.


  • Highest wear resistance

  • Very low coefficient of friction

  • Insensitive to moisture

  • 100% biocompatibility

  • Optimum sliding properties (<0.1 dry against steel)

  • Chemical stability and corrosion resistance

  • Colour: rainbow to black-grey


Hardness values:

  • Diamond Line gauge                 6.000 HV

  • TIN gauge                   2.500 HV

  • Tungsten carbide gauge           1.800 HV

  • Crome plated gauge          1.000 HV

  • Steel gauge                    800 HV


Hard metals are alloys of metallic hard materials, the carbides of tungsten, titanium, tantalum and others, they have a high hardness but are very brittle, with relatively soft, tough and lower melting binders such as cobalt, nickel and iron.

Manufacture: Shaping is carried out by automatic presses in appropriately designed moulds. Two sintering processes give the parts their final shape and the excellent properties.

The various delivery options can be found in the above product range.

Contact our P. Müller service team


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